The Baby

This was my first project at home after purchasing some carving wax and a simple set of carving tools.

I wanted to make some kind of medallion or charm for a friend who was about to have a baby. The first image I sketched for the piece was actually of a sleeping fox, but it somehow morphed into a baby.

The more I worked on it, sometimes for hours on end without noticing the time go by, I realized that I LOVED doing it. Just watching something emerge from that piece of wax was so satisfying even though at certain moments I felt I was about to go blind.


My First Wax Model

Several months ago I rekindled my passion for jewelry making. I signed up for a short class in Wax Models For Silver Casting and was introduced to the enchanted world of The Lost Wax Technique.

This was the final piece I made – a beetle/scarab pendant.

Though not as delicate or intricate as I was hoping it to be I was excited with making my first piece, and was even more excited to realize I could try and create more pieces at my own home with some simple equipment.

And so my journey begins…