TBT: The First Piece of Jewelry I Ever Made

Back in 2007, when I was living in New York, I took a short silver-smithing night class in The School of Visual Arts.

I just found some old pictures of the ring and two pendants I made on my computer, and since it’s Thursday already here in Australia I decided to share them.

The first piece all of the students had to make was a ring with a bezel set with a cabochon stone of their choice. I used an emerald cabochon I had purchased on ebay. I insisted on adding some spirals at the sides of the bezel, which my instructor was not happy about since she said it was too advanced. She allowed me to try and do it as long as I assumed any responsibility for ruining/damaging the ring. Of course I agreed and it came out pretty awesome.

The second piece was of our choice and I wanted to make a large, magical pendant using some large moonstone cabochons I bought. Again, My instructor said it was a bit too ambitious and complicated for a beginner, but once I agreed again to take all responsibility she agreed.

The moonstones are set in fine silver bezels, with silver granules connecting them, and a large bail for the chain to go through. My younger sister wears it till this day.

On the last class I could do whatever I wanted since I had already finished my piece so I made myself a very simple pendant using the leftover silver from the ring. I made two bezels and set them with a rainbow moonstone and garnet cabochons, and I still wear it sometimes.


My instructor was quite impressed that I finished it in 3 hours and I was left with the taste for more.

Now I can’t wait to have my own equipment and some fire to play with again. For now I’ll have to settle for carving wax and using my spirit lamp…


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