Polishing and Making the Tourmaline Pendant

I had many things to do today and barely managed to finish filing and polishing the four new pendants. I decided to get them done first and then move on to the charms. However, I sawed off all the spruces’ remains and filed them off from all the pieces first.

The sawing is usually the most laborious task, which requires a lot of patience and concentration. I’m proud to say I did not break even one saw blade! I usually go through two to five every time I saw new pieces.

The filing is pretty straight forward and I just tried using my smaller Dick files (not joking) which I purchased from Rio Grande so I will not damage the pieces too much. It takes a little more time but it is safer.

After that comes the most tedious yet rewarding part – polishing. I use eight different grades of sandpaper, ranging from 400 to 8000, which means I have to polish every piece eight times until it reaches the smoothness I desire. I have to admit, this process takes a very long time, and I take many breaks in between grades to stretch my body and wash my hands. Even though my fingers are always blistered by the end, it is so rewarding to see the silver come to life with every grade of polishing. It is like there is moonlight hiding in it and you just need to polish it enough to get it to shine through. Man, I love silver.


Once I finished polishing them and blistering my fingers, I decided I still had time to at least complete the simpler looking pendant out of the four. I intended to string some tourmaline beads inside the groove on a metal string and secure them with some silver crimps. It was actually easier than I thought it would be and it came out lovely. I think it is one of the simplest, most minimalist pieces I have made so far (and probably the last lol).



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