Completing the New Pendants

I finally finished stringing the beads in all three pendants. I tried different variations, playing around with the beads and even trying to see how they looked with some round, faceted ruby beads I have.

I decided to go with the lemon quartz bead with the “Fairy Vine” pendant, because I figured the green color went well with the natural plant theme of it.

The “Fairy Whistle” pendant and the spiral pendant I strung with these bluish-greenish topaz briolettes I’ve had for years. They are delicate, beautifully polished and change colors at every angle.

I had a couple of small pendants/beads that I made a couple of months ago and I decided to string them on this thin black leather cord that I have and list them on my Etsy shop as pieces intended also for men.

Now I just need to list all these new items and begin working on the three charms…


New Items 20-05-16 033

My tool bag…


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