Silicone Mould Making Workshop

This Saturday I was extremely excited about participating in a silicone mould making workshop in Marrickville.

The studio, SquarePeg Studios, is a beautiful commercial style building that’s been divided into sections with different workshops and artist spaces who work there as residents.

We were seven people in total which was great because the instructor could really advise each participant on their pieces and moulds and we got to ask questions (and boy did I have plenty).

I used a shell and a silver pendant I made a while ago for the moulds.

The shell was pretty straight forward, easy to spruce and cut out. The two gray bumps at its top are spruce made of Klean Klay, which is non-hardening clay and is great for making prototypes and using in the mould making process.

The pendant was a bit more tricky since I needed to spruce it all along one side of it so when I later pour wax into the mould it would flow easily and reach all parts of the mould. Since it had so many holes it was hard to cut out and remove from the mould, but I did it slowly and gently and it worked. (The blue pieces are wax that I poured into the mould)

In the future I’m going to use pinkysil moulds (non-toxic silicone) to make earrings, replicate pieces that I like and maybe make moulds of basic wax pieces before I modify them. The pinkysil moulds are suitable for working with wax, pewter and resin.

I love learning new things and new techniques. It gets my creative juices flowing and inspires me to try new things.




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