What’s On My Desk Right Now

As I try to improve and hone my wax carving skills, I find myself adding more and more pieces to my “creative graveyard” as I like to call it. I’ve always had a creative graveyard, for my drawings, arts and crafts attempts, and writing pieces. I even have one in  my head for ideas.

I guess now a big factor in the increasing graveyard is the cost for each cast. This is why I’m glad I took the mould making workshop because I can cast some pieces in brass and if I decide to reproduce them I can just make a mould and I have the wax model again.

Then again, I’m thinking of just making tons of wax pieces and casting them in my dad’s studio in Israel when I get there. This way I at least save the casting fee that goes with every piece I cast here.

I keep reading that the more pieces on your Etsy store the better (the better for Etsy’s revenue I’m sure), but maybe I’ll just add tons of pieces once I’m back home and can do my own casts.

Anyway, so these are the three pieces I just finished and am trying to polish before I take them in for casting (the lighter fluid and stocking technique works really well. Thank you Google!)

The goddess pendant is going to be set with a moonstone (hopefully), and I’m thinking of making a mould of it later on so I can make it as a brooch as well. Of course I’ll need soldering equipment for that so again, I’ll have to wait till I’m back home. I think it might look really nice in brass so maybe I’ll try it. I can always make a mould and cast it in silver some other time if I want to…

I realize that I need to put up some rings in my store, just to draw in more traffic. I didn’t want to get into making rings until I had soldering equipment, but I guess I’ll just make one size and have it there for show. I just made this small ring which I will try and set with a moonstone as well. If it turns out nice I’ll post it to my Etsy shop.

I’ve realized that I have an obsession with spirals, waves and leaves. I was bored the other day, uninspired (it’s getting cold in Sydney which is killing my creativity and my spirit in general, lol) so I began free-carving a piece of wax while watching “Lost”. I did feel lost and had to file down the piece a couple of times, when eventually this pendant came into existence – it’s sort of a vine made of spirals, or a cluster of vines or tendrils. I’m not sure but it’s coming out very delicate and nice, and I’m thinking of making a mould out of it and making it into a set of earrings and a pendant. Of course I will need some soldering equipment for the earrings so I’ll have to wait with that, but I can still make the mould.DSC03479

This is it for now.



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