Since I really put a lot of effort into all the little details in the small charms that I made, I decided it would be a great idea to try and oxidize them to bring out all the little details.

These charms were inspired mostly by nature, the ocean, and water in general (which seems to be a recurring theme for me with waves and spirals).

I bought a bottle of liver of sulfur gel and watched a few tutorials online, and this morning I set all the needed materials on my kitchen sink and did it.DSC03768

The whole apartment smelled like farts but within several minutes it was done. I took the shell pendants out after about a minute because I didn’t wanted them to get too dark, just get this antique hue.DSC03773

The rest I left for a few more minutes to get the dark backgrounds and really bring out the small details.

I used a gentle polishing paper to clean out the places where I wanted the pendants to be lighter or shinier, giving them some contrast and depth. I even tried it on my old “Elven Shield Pendant” and a silver ring I wear.DSC03778

I have to admit they came out better than I expected, and I didn’t make too much of a mess.

Now I feel like I want to oxidize everything!



Wax Carving-Whales,Barn Owls, Lighthouse, Chicken

In the past week I have been sitting in my living-room and carving. It was rainy and windy (still is) which is the best excuse to not leave my cave, brew a pot of tea and get creative (doesn’t really look like it but it was gray and stormy).

I keep hearing from family and friends how hot it is back home, and I really miss the Israeli summer, and even the Australian summer. When I get back home it’s going to be winter again, so I’ll be going from one winter to another. A whole year of winters.DSC03629

I wanted to make several pendants or charms with animal images, but of course I got a bit distracted. Some of these made it, some didn’t.DSC03730

IMG_3792Today I finally finished the last one of four (I had so many in mind but these are the ones that turned out nice), so tomorrow I can take them to the casting house in Marrickville, along with the two earrings and the two shell pendants I have made out of my silicone molds (purple wax is the injection wax I use n the molds, the green one is the carving wax).

If you can’t tell there is a whale and its cub, a barn owl and its chook, a hen and her eggs, and a lighthouse (how random).

I think I will try to oxidize these pieces (never done it before) because I think the dark patina might bring out all the small details of the carvings.


Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer and maybe I’ll just walk back from the casting house. It’s a long walk and I need the exercise.


Making Molds and Wax Casts At Home

I have finally finished polishing my goddess pendant, and decided to try and make a silicone mold of it at home. I like it so much, and it took so much time and effort, so I want to be able to reproduce it, maybe try oxidizing it, setting it with a different stone, maybe even adding more stones. Who knows?

So I made a mold of it and of the two earrings I sent for casting along with it. Making the molds was easy, as I remembered from the short class I took. The hard part was pouring the wax in and making the wax molds.

First I tried using the same green wax I use for carving, but it was immediately obvious, as I poured it into the molds, that it was way too thick and did not flow well. This resulted in partial casts and my apartment smelling like hell.DSC03626

I realized I had to get some injection wax with a better flow so I went out and got some purple wax, which is better for this kind of casting. It took me some adjusting – like warming up the molds in my stove beforehand and helping the hot wax flow in using a toothpick, and eventually, after five attempts (and a lot of smoke and horrible smell), I got a perfect cast of all three pieces. The bottom pieces are the “perfect” ones (before I cleaned them), but I still need to figure out how to get rid of the air bubbles in the wax.

I made a couple of wax casts from the shell mold I made in the class I took to try and make some pendant from them. I will try and string some beads in their center and see if it looks nice.DSC03689

And the whale mama and baby charm is the first in a series of charms/pendants I’m just starting to carve. I’ll post about it later.


First Sales & Some New Projects

I have been busy.

Had my first two sales on my Etsy shop. The first one was a bit of a hassle on Etsy’s part but after it was sorted out the second went through smoothly.

My dad has a small gallery back in Israel (in the middle of nowhere) and he asked me to send him a couple of bracelets and pendants to showcase. So I used a couple of the charms that I’ve made, the sea turtle and the four leaf clover, and put them into bracelets with some beads that I have. The sea turtle has fresh water pearls, sterling silver, copper, and glass beads. The Clover has rubies, sterling silver, garnet and copper.DSC03503

I’m also making a couple of new cocoon pendants for him, which I will get back from casting tomorrow along with two earrings that I’m trying out. I’ve purchased some pinkysil and if I like how the earrings turn out I will mold them so I can make a pair of each.DSC03506

I’ve also began working on a tree shaped pendant, sort of a take on “The tree of life” which I will try and string with different stone beads (once I figure out how). I broke it today while working on it and had to hot-wax glue it back together. I think I might have to make a mold of it so I’ll have some dummies to experiment on. The silicone is extremely expensive so I can’t waste it (if I could I would mold everything in sight, it’s so much fun!)

Last but not least, I’ve had some ideas for little round pendants/charms and I have finally began working on the first one (because I tend to jump from project to project). So the first is of a whale mama and her calf. I really love how it is turning out.

That’s it for now, time to go to bed.