First Sales & Some New Projects

I have been busy.

Had my first two sales on my Etsy shop. The first one was a bit of a hassle on Etsy’s part but after it was sorted out the second went through smoothly.

My dad has a small gallery back in Israel (in the middle of nowhere) and he asked me to send him a couple of bracelets and pendants to showcase. So I used a couple of the charms that I’ve made, the sea turtle and the four leaf clover, and put them into bracelets with some beads that I have. The sea turtle has fresh water pearls, sterling silver, copper, and glass beads. The Clover has rubies, sterling silver, garnet and copper.DSC03503

I’m also making a couple of new cocoon pendants for him, which I will get back from casting tomorrow along with two earrings that I’m trying out. I’ve purchased some pinkysil and if I like how the earrings turn out I will mold them so I can make a pair of each.DSC03506

I’ve also began working on a tree shaped pendant, sort of a take on “The tree of life” which I will try and string with different stone beads (once I figure out how). I broke it today while working on it and had to hot-wax glue it back together. I think I might have to make a mold of it so I’ll have some dummies to experiment on. The silicone is extremely expensive so I can’t waste it (if I could I would mold everything in sight, it’s so much fun!)

Last but not least, I’ve had some ideas for little round pendants/charms and I have finally began working on the first one (because I tend to jump from project to project). So the first is of a whale mama and her calf. I really love how it is turning out.

That’s it for now, time to go to bed.



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