Making Molds and Wax Casts At Home

I have finally finished polishing my goddess pendant, and decided to try and make a silicone mold of it at home. I like it so much, and it took so much time and effort, so I want to be able to reproduce it, maybe try oxidizing it, setting it with a different stone, maybe even adding more stones. Who knows?

So I made a mold of it and of the two earrings I sent for casting along with it. Making the molds was easy, as I remembered from the short class I took. The hard part was pouring the wax in and making the wax molds.

First I tried using the same green wax I use for carving, but it was immediately obvious, as I poured it into the molds, that it was way too thick and did not flow well. This resulted in partial casts and my apartment smelling like hell.DSC03626

I realized I had to get some injection wax with a better flow so I went out and got some purple wax, which is better for this kind of casting. It took me some adjusting – like warming up the molds in my stove beforehand and helping the hot wax flow in using a toothpick, and eventually, after five attempts (and a lot of smoke and horrible smell), I got a perfect cast of all three pieces. The bottom pieces are the “perfect” ones (before I cleaned them), but I still need to figure out how to get rid of the air bubbles in the wax.

I made a couple of wax casts from the shell mold I made in the class I took to try and make some pendant from them. I will try and string some beads in their center and see if it looks nice.DSC03689

And the whale mama and baby charm is the first in a series of charms/pendants I’m just starting to carve. I’ll post about it later.



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