Wax Carving-Whales,Barn Owls, Lighthouse, Chicken

In the past week I have been sitting in my living-room and carving. It was rainy and windy (still is) which is the best excuse to not leave my cave, brew a pot of tea and get creative (doesn’t really look like it but it was gray and stormy).

I keep hearing from family and friends how hot it is back home, and I really miss the Israeli summer, and even the Australian summer. When I get back home it’s going to be winter again, so I’ll be going from one winter to another. A whole year of winters.DSC03629

I wanted to make several pendants or charms with animal images, but of course I got a bit distracted. Some of these made it, some didn’t.DSC03730

IMG_3792Today I finally finished the last one of four (I had so many in mind but these are the ones that turned out nice), so tomorrow I can take them to the casting house in Marrickville, along with the two earrings and the two shell pendants I have made out of my silicone molds (purple wax is the injection wax I use n the molds, the green one is the carving wax).

If you can’t tell there is a whale and its cub, a barn owl and its chook, a hen and her eggs, and a lighthouse (how random).

I think I will try to oxidize these pieces (never done it before) because I think the dark patina might bring out all the small details of the carvings.


Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer and maybe I’ll just walk back from the casting house. It’s a long walk and I need the exercise.



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