Since I really put a lot of effort into all the little details in the small charms that I made, I decided it would be a great idea to try and oxidize them to bring out all the little details.

These charms were inspired mostly by nature, the ocean, and water in general (which seems to be a recurring theme for me with waves and spirals).

I bought a bottle of liver of sulfur gel and watched a few tutorials online, and this morning I set all the needed materials on my kitchen sink and did it.DSC03768

The whole apartment smelled like farts but within several minutes it was done. I took the shell pendants out after about a minute because I didn’t wanted them to get too dark, just get this antique hue.DSC03773

The rest I left for a few more minutes to get the dark backgrounds and really bring out the small details.

I used a gentle polishing paper to clean out the places where I wanted the pendants to be lighter or shinier, giving them some contrast and depth. I even tried it on my old “Elven Shield Pendant” and a silver ring I wear.DSC03778

I have to admit they came out better than I expected, and I didn’t make too much of a mess.

Now I feel like I want to oxidize everything!



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