I decided I was going to rest this weekend, since I haven’t stopped working on my projects for quite a while now. My back is giving me some trouble and I was just going to sit at home, watch some telly and drink lots of tea.

HOWEVER, I really wanted to get a head start on the three rings I made and just picked up from the casting house on Friday, so I told myself I would only saw the sprues and file them down, and that’s it for the weekend.

I finished doing that, happy that I will have Sunday completely free and will be able to start polishing all the pieces Monday morning. I can’t wait to oxidize these babies to bring out all the little details I carved, which took a lot of effort (and a toll on my back).

HOWEVER, I woke up Sunday morning to discover the hen charm pendant sold on my Etsy shop! The whales charm pendant sold last week, and I suddenly realized I haven’t even started working on new ideas for more round charms that I wanted to do, and I was full of ideas and images ready to explode out of my head. So I decided to just start a list of images and maybe a sketch or two, but that would be it!DSC03984

I guess the creative process is a very unpredictable thing, especially when you sell your creations online and hope to someday make a living out of it.

Anyway, I can’t complain. I’ve discovered that sitting on the carpet while working is the best position for my back right now.

With all the craziness going on in the world right now, at least in my living-room there’s peace.DSC03986



What I Love

Yesterday, when I was standing at a crosswalk near my house, I looked up at the sky and thought how brilliant the moon seemed in that clear, blue sky. I snapped a quick picture with my phone and smiled to myself, excited that tomorrow (today) I was going to the casting house. IMG_3896

I have been reading a lot on the Etsy forums about how important it was to diversify your store. The larger the selection of pieces, the more chances of people stumbling on your store. The other piece of advice I saw a lot was to do what you love and enjoy it. I know I love creating beautiful, intricate pieces of jewelry. I also know I need to diversify my store. So I decided to make three rings, in random sizes, and put them up in my store just to draw more attention and traffic.  I can’t really deal with sizing metal rings since I’m working in my apartment, so I doubt I can sell them However, I wanted to enjoy the process and create pieces that I would love.

The first ring I made was a “spiral ring”. It actually came out sort of delicate and even wearable (I’ll have to wait and see when it’s cast). It basically spirals from top to bottom, with one side having a higher spiral (top) and the other a lower spiral (bottom). This was the only ring that did not get the WTF look from my partner or the receptionist at the casting house.

Then came the “Chimera Ring”, which I was carving without any idea what I wanted it to be. And it sort of shows. It has something resembling an insects tail on one side, a scaly second side, and a weird bug in the middle. It’s hard to make out from these pictures but I’m sure it will be much clearer once it is cast and oxidized.

The last ring I made in a small men’s size. It has so many things going on since I really did not know where I was going with it, and just enjoyed the process. It has sort of a wild flower on one side, a tulip or rose on the other, and a rising sun on the top. And of course as if that wasn’t enough I added a couple of holes in its sides, with some triangles that I think will look cool once oxidized.

So after sitting at home and carving for so long, it was a pleasure going to the casting house today, even though it was freezing and windy.IMG_3897  I dropped in a couple of other pieces as well, one that is experimental and one which is sort of similar to the whale pendant I just sold (and miss already). I will devote another post for them if they turn out nice.

Last but not least, I finally sat a t my favorite cafe and worked on some other stuff I have been neglecting.IMG_3898

All in all, it was a good day.


Playing With Beads

After oxidizing the two shell pendants I have cast from the molds I made, it was time to try and string different beads and see which ones worked well with them.

These are the ones I found looked the nicest. On the first pendant:

The blue topazDSC03865

The amethystDSC03880

The orange topazDSC03863

The lemon quartzDSC03891

With this first pendant I love how raw it looks, like I took off some layers from its center and uncovered a gem. Sort of a play on the pearl inside the shell.

On the second pendant:

The fresh water pearlDSC03920

The amber and silverDSC03923

The ruby and silverDSC03929

The different tourmaline combinations.


I like that I’ve managed to make a shell pendant which in my opinion isn’t too tacky. I love the aged bronze color the shells have, and how it works well with the different stones. I also love the raw look of it, almost like a part was bit out of the shell (in the second pendant.)

Now I have to start listing them in my Etsy shop.