Playing With Beads

After oxidizing the two shell pendants I have cast from the molds I made, it was time to try and string different beads and see which ones worked well with them.

These are the ones I found looked the nicest. On the first pendant:

The blue topazDSC03865

The amethystDSC03880

The orange topazDSC03863

The lemon quartzDSC03891

With this first pendant I love how raw it looks, like I took off some layers from its center and uncovered a gem. Sort of a play on the pearl inside the shell.

On the second pendant:

The fresh water pearlDSC03920

The amber and silverDSC03923

The ruby and silverDSC03929

The different tourmaline combinations.


I like that I’ve managed to make a shell pendant which in my opinion isn’t too tacky. I love the aged bronze color the shells have, and how it works well with the different stones. I also love the raw look of it, almost like a part was bit out of the shell (in the second pendant.)

Now I have to start listing them in my Etsy shop.



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