Carving Away

Due to the popularity of my last batch of charm pendants (sold 3 out of the 4 I made) I decided to try and make some new ones.

I had many images I had saved on my computer along with a bunch of ideas in my head, mostly nature scenes and animals.

I began by sketching many circles on wax rectangles I had cut to about 2cm X 2.5cm, and then went ahead and sketched the images I had in mind. I have seen different videos of the many methods you could transfer a perfect sketch on to wax, but I find it faster and easier to just sketch it with a scribe. I “free-sketch” it and make sure to make the lines quite shallow in case I need to change something and erase it (file it down).DSC04223

The ones that I thought turned out nice I carved onto the wax, first carving a deep outline that would make it easier to carve out the background without damaging the main image (That’s a self-taught process which I find to work best for my small and detailed designs).

Since the wax I use is 0.5cm thick, I also cut it in half to save in materials and save myself the unnecessary filing. However, that means that I have to file the back of the pendants to smooth them, and sometimes add some molten wax where the grooves and scratches are too deep.IMG_3981IMG_3982

After about two weeks (in which I was busy doing other stuff) I had 6 new designs I was happy with, along with some reproductions I made of older pieces.

These are the pieces fresh out of the casting house. From top left: Two baby hamsass which I made with a mold I did (hopefully make a pair of earrings or charms set with a stone), manatee and its cub, reproduction of the mother hen charm (from the first batch) I made out of a mold, snail on a mushroom, fern with a flower and mushroom (made of a mold to complete a pair of earrings), frog, cat and moon, reproduction of mama whale and calf one with a hole to set a stone, the second plain, baby in womb, and panda bear (with an inscription on its back.)DSC04547

After I sawed and filed the spruces, I finally finished polishing all the pieces today.


And this is how they turned out.DSC04556

The next step would be to try setting the stones and oxidizing the pieces, but that will have to be next week.





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