The time has finally come.

In three days the shipping company will come and pick up all of my belongings, including my jewels and my tools. While they make their way by sea back home to Israel, I will fly to New Delhi on the 9th of October, for a three month trip throughout India.

My shop will go on holiday mode and I will be almost socially invisible since I don’t like using my phone too much while travelling.

I’m planning on reopening the shop once I get my life in order back home in Israel, probably sometime around mid to late January 2017.

I am extremely excited for my trip, the new culture I will get to see and experience, the creative inspiration that is waiting for me in that unknown land.

I’m excited as well about finally returning home and pursuing my dream of being a full time artist and try and make a living from my art. I know it will take time, and I’m sure it will be a great test to my determination, resilience and work-ethic. I can’t wait to sit down at my new bench, at my dad’s studio by the Sea of Galilee, and begin carving again!

I have some models that I finished making here in Sydney, a mermaid pendant, some new connecting beads and pendants, which will probably be my first projects back in Israel along with getting the shop back in shape.dsc04810

And how exciting it is that right before I leave Australia I get to see my short story

“The Minister of Rain” published in the wonderful Canadian website !

I leave Australia with a positive outlook at my creative process, with the hopes of greater things to come.





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