Back to the Beginning

What a long way!

After 3 lovely years in Sydney and 3 interesting months in India I am finally back home in the beautiful Jordan Valley in Israel.

I got to Israel brimming of creative energy and ready to start my life as a full-time artist/jewelry designer for as long and far as my savings can take me (:

However, my belongings took much longer than anticipated to get here via sea, which actually left me plenty of time to help my father and brother to organize my dad’s studio in Kibbutz En Gev and make it a comfortable and inspiring work environment.

I found many treasures and memories along the way, and my dad managed to find some carving wax for me to work with while I wait for all my equipment to get here. I used to draw a lot as a child and teenager, and I found an unfinished drawing from the 5th grade and a self-portrait from the 9th (you can obviously notice how bad of a painter I became with time).

Once I got all my equipment I began working on the last pieces I cast in Sydney while trying to incorporate some stones I purchased in Jaipur, India. I still need some new materials to finish those but I haven’t had the time between setting up my apartment, family obligations, and all the health issues that followed me back from India.dsc07248

Hopefully this week I will go to Tel-Aviv and get some much needed materials and open an account with a casting house.

I’m glad to say that my shop does not seem affected by being on “vacation mode” for nearly 4 months. I had a sale a couple of weeks after reopening it, and I already have two new custom orders on the way.

I love working in my dad’s studio, having him and my brother as company and inspiration, being a stone-throw away from the lake, and being full of energy and motivation.

I’m continuously aware of how much my surroundings affect me, the Jordan Valley, the memories, family and friends, nature.

Hoping for a great year.

Peace and love to all.




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