My lovely mermaid pendant has been sold and is making its way to Hawaii.IMG_6860

I have always loved mermaids and thought I would create more pieces which will incorporate them, so I decided to make a new mermaid pendant. I just began free carving a piece of wax and haven’t finished it yet, but it will feature a mermaid sitting on a rock – the rock being a gem I will add later.

I have been going through some shifts and changes, trying to build up a routine that will keep my creative side alive yet manage to sustain myself. I have started a new job which will hopefully allow me to work on my jewelry in the mornings and work in the evenings or vice versa.

I have added many new items to my jewelry graveyard, mostly experimental rings which I’m still not sure if I want to revive and post in the shop.

I have many models waiting to be cast but I haven’t found the time to go to the casting house yet. This will probably be the last big batch of pieces which still includes experimental pieces, after that I will have to focus and maybe create less models (anyway I have less time now that I’m working) and stick to pieces I’m sure can make it to the shop.

I have also posted some items on Artyah which seems to be growing and is truly dedicated to handmade art and not manufactured and assembled like so many of the things you see on Etsy.

I’m excited about my next batch of models and hope I can get them to the casting house next week, meanwhile I’m trying to get back into jogging and writing, two of my many passions which I have been neglecting.




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